Doreen and Parker “The Golden Couple”

Friends and family affectionately call them the Golden Couple, ABC6 calls them the “news-lyweds” (they’re both reporters for channel 6 in Providence), but I call them AWESOME!  The new Mr. and Mrs. Doreen and Parker Gavigan wed this past Saturday June 28, 2008 at Our Lady of the Cape church in Brewster, MA.  The reception followed at Ocean Edge in Orleans.  (By the way, Laurel at Ocean Edge is an absolute gem and the rest of the staff is excellent!)

The clouds and fog rolling in from the ocean during the traditional portraits did nothing to dampen the spirits of this couple.  I don’t think there was a time the entire day that Doreen didn’t have a huge smile on her face!  When the dance floor opened up later that evening, it was packed from one end to the other with the friends and family that had gathered to celebrate them.  There was so much going on at once that day, my 2nd shooter, Matt and I wondered if we got it all but we had a ball trying!  

Congratulations to Doreen and Parker!    

Matt got this great shot of Doreen’s brother in-law, Ray!  lol

Things were getting crazy!  ha ha


Below are the images they showed on the news the following Monday.    Can these two be any cuter?!

Matt took this one!  He ROCKS!



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